Our Story

Please join us at our monthly General Membership meetings! They occur on the THIRD THURSDAY  at 7PM in the atrium of the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, located at 727 CLASSON (between Park and Prospect).

The Crown Heights Tenant Union (CHTU) is a union of Tenant Associations, that began meeting in October 2013 in response to rampant gentrification, displacement, and illegal rental overcharges in the neighborhood. There are over 40 buildings in our union that have come together to demand new, stronger protections that guarantee tenants’ rights.

We use a collective bargaining strategy to demand both stricter enforcement of existing tenants’ rights in addition to new, stronger protections that eliminate loopholes in the law that favor landlords. Our demands call for a stronger tenant voice in decisions that impact rental housing and include a five year rent freeze and restrictions on tenant buyouts.

The Crown Heights Tenant Union has identified a cycle in which low paying tenants are pushed out, and newer tenants are charged rent far higher than the legally regulated limit. In response to this cycle, we have adopted a unique UNITE AND FIGHT strategy where long-term tenants and new residents of the neighborhood come together with the understanding that the landlords are the true target. We hope to set an example for changing neighborhoods across New York City and the rest of the country.

CHTU is being supported by the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board. UHAB works to empower local residents though building strong tenant associations and providing technical assistance to building residents seeking to democratically control and manage their homes.

To get a taste of what we do, check out this incredible video made by CHTU members Hunter Steinman and Alex Roesch from our first ever demonstration!

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