Currently on CHTU's Worst Landlord Watchlist

Renaissance Realty Group

Office: 1946 Coney Island Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11223

According to the Tenants:

  • They have tried de-stabilizing rent-stabilized apartments and removing affordable housing restrictions such as “preferential rent” on a mass scale, in many cases doubling rents for long-term tenants.
  • They either ignore long-term tenants’ repair requests or make them poorly (see violations records).
  • They attempt to bait rent-stabilized tenants into taking low buyout offers, by feeding them misleading information (that they will be evicted eventually anyway, that the building will be converted into a homeless shelter).
Visit Their Office
Local Properties

285 Schenectady Ave*

1646 Union St*

1151-1155 Dean St*

1112 Dean St

487 Lincoln Pl

493 Lincoln Pl

505 Lincoln Pl

511 Lincoln Pl

519 Lincoln Pl

527 Lincoln Pl

285 Eastern Pkwy

291 Eastern Pkwy

764 St John’s Pl

1561 Pitkin Ave

39 Argyle Rd

45 Argyle Rd

153 Chauncey St

2-12 Sutter Ave

663-665 Hancock St

1806 Caton Ave

208 Evergreen Ave

293 Irving Ave

*Note: CHTU members live in these buildings.


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