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Crown Heights Tenant Union

for #TenantEmpowerment

285 Schenectady Ave

Crown Heights’ Tenant Building Member

Current CHTU Member Building

285 Schenectady Ave

Landlord(s): Renaissance Realty Group LLC

Landlord/Management Office: 1946 Coney Island Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11223

CHTU Members Since: October 2014

Tenants in this rent-stabilized building – many of whom moved in during the ’70s with government rental assistance – are fighting sudden rent increases of up to 120% due to the landlord revoking a long-standing rent restriction on the building called “Preferential Rent.” City officials have tried to negotiate a deal that would restore the building’s affordability, but Renaissance has refused to cooperate, and is marketing the building for $500,000 per unit.

Building Stats:

  • Units: 35
  • Open HPD Violations: 65
  • Class C “immediately hazardous” Violations: 10
  • Housing Court Petitions: 8

Listed as “Meeting Watchlist Criteria” on NYC Public Advocate’s “Worst Landlord Watchlist”

Roach infestation in 285 Schenectady Apartment Kitchen

"I've been living in this neighborhood for 26 years. I grew up here. In 1989, you couldn't walk down Union in the middle of the day. I find it very unfair for Renaissance Realty to come here and say, 'Oh your rent's jumped from $992 to $2,100.'"

Natasha Creese

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Next General Member Meeting

Tenants all over Crown Heights are struggling to stay in their homes, while landlords make record profits! Come to our next General Membership Meeting and join the fight to protect our neighborhood!

October 22, 2019


CAMBA - 1117 Eastern Parkway [at Utica Ave.] 3rd Floor

Enter on Utica Ave. (btwn Eastern Parkway and Lincoln Pl.)

Snacks & Child Care Provided by CHTU Members

Crown heights tenant union

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